Planterior Design Services

Whether you're interested in a minimalist incorporation of indoor plants or creating an urban jungle, Plants By Her will design, source and install a plant collection that fits your needs. From residential and commercial installations to ongoing plant maintenance, our service offerings can be scaled to any scope.

Commercial Design


Do you have a corporate office in need of greenery to help boost workplace productivity? Could your cafe, lobby or fitness studio benefit from botanical representation to complete the aesthetic? Plants By Her will evaluate the overall space to develop a planterior design concept appropriate to budget, layout, available light and desired style. Once approved, we’ll source all the plants and corresponding accessories and install the design. Opt for our ongoing maintenance service afterward to stay on top of pruning, watering and other plant care needs.

Residential Design


Indoor plants can warm interior spaces, contribute to a sense of wellbeing and improve air quality. Knowing which plants to chose for your home based on available light, climate, floor plan and plant know-how can be intimidating. Plants By Her will evaluate your space and make responsible recommendations for you and your lifestyle. We’ll honor the realities of real life — from pets and children to high-traffic areas and dark corners — to deliver a plant collection that’s sustainable and unique.

Plant Maintenance


Clients can opt into ongoing plant maintenance after an installation to support the longevity of their new botanicals. This service helps ensure plants are acclimating appropriately and stay in good health. The frequency of ongoing care is negotiable based on needs. Check-ins can be scheduled at bimonthly, monthly, or weekly intervals.

Other Services


Plants By Her is also available to provide plant styling for photo shoots, open houses and other staging needs. We also lead workshops and collaborate with local partners for pop-up events and other community engagements.


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